Current Portfolio Companies

Alert Protective Services

Alert Protective Services, LLC provides security and fire alarm monitoring services to business and consumers in the greater Chicago area. SFP invested in 2016.

Answer1 Communications

Answer1 Communications By providing state of the art live call answering, email monitoring, scheduling, and data entry services, Answer 1 helps its clients increase revenue, cut costs, and improve brand image.


Attainia is a subscription software business that helps hospitals streamline their capital planning process and allows manufacturers and contractors to efficiently compete for the business. SFP invested in 2016 and Rich Kelley is on the Board.

Blue Sky Network

Blue Sky Network provides satellite-based asset tracking and monitoring primarily for transportation companies. The company is headquartered in San Diego and Search Fund Partners invested in the fall of 2016.

Bright Event Rentals

Bright Event Rentals provides rentals and site-planning services for parties and events in San Francisco, Napa, and Los Angeles. SFP invested in 2013.

Caravel Autism Services

Based in Wisconsin, Caravel Autism Health utilizes Applied Behavior Analysis to help children with autism spectrums. Mike Miller became CEO in July 2014 and Rich Kelley joined the board.

Circle Graphics

Based in Longmont, CO, Circle Graphics is the leading large -format printer of outdoor advertising in the United States. The company also manages a rapidly growing wrapped canvas business serving the photography market. SFP invested in December 2012.

Circle Surrogacy

Circle Surrogacy is the leading large provider of surrogacy and egg donation services in the world matching intending parents with gestational carriers for over 20 years. SFP invested in September, 2017.


ComplianceLine provides compliance hotline services through its call center and ensures compliant hiring through its SanctionCheck software platform. SFP invested in 2016 and Todd Tracey is on the Board.

Consumer Affairs connects consumers with brands. Its leading enterprise feedback management SaaS platform helps brands influence perception in Google, while delivering deep customer insights. Jim Edmunds is a member of the Board of Directors.

Datum Technologies

Datum is an outsourced provider of IT services to multi-location restaurant chains. SFP invested in 2016 and Dave Carver is on the Board.


DCI is a prominent provider of telecom and data solutions to the hotel industry.Charbel Zreik became CEO of this Syosset, NY company in 2014 and Rich Kelley joined the board.

Detroit Dental Specialists

Detroit Dental Specialists provides dental and orthodontic care to underserved markets in Detroit. SFP invested in the summer of 2017 and Todd Tracey sits on the Board.

Efficient Forms

Efficient Forms is a SaaS business providing software that integrates with companies’HR systems and streamlines hiring and onboarding through applicant tracking, work opportunity tax credit management, and related processes. Search Fund Partners invested in July of 2017.

Elevated Billing Solutions

Elevated Billing provides outsourced billing services to the behavioral health industry. SFP invested in 2016 and Todd Tracey is on the Board.

EZ Shipper Racks

EZ Shipper Racks – EZ Shipper Racks and EZR Logistics are sister companies operating in the returnable asset (i.e., shipping and display racks) for retailers.  EZ Shipper is number one in the nursery category and SFP made its investment in 2016.


FastSpring provides an ecommerce, merchandising and fulfillment platform for sellers of digital goods. SFP invested in the company in March 2013 and Dave Carver joined the board.

Field Edge

Field Edge is a leading developer of management software tools for field service companies. The company is based in Ft. Myers, FL and SFP invested in January 2015.


FIMC is a leading provider of membership programs to financial services providers focused on underbanked segments. FIMC products include roadside assistance, legal assistance, pharmacy discounts, savings benefits, extended warranties, and numerous other benefits. The company is located in Sarasota, FL. SFP invested in September of 2017 and Todd Tracey sits on the board.

FMT Solutions

Independent financial advisors rely on FMT Solutions for marketing seminar materials, training and direct mail services. The company calls Lake Oswego, OR home and Rich Kelley is on the board. Search Fund Partners invested in FMT Solutions in 2015.


Gogotech operates prominent ecommerce businesses focused on consumer electronics, including and The company is based in New York City, and SFP invested in December 2012. Jim Edmunds is a board observer.

Great Bay Software

Great Bay Software provides endpoint profiling technology that constantly and comprehensively identifies and catalogues a network’s endpoints. The company is based in Minneapolis, MN. SFP invested in 2013 and Dave Carver joined the board.

Grey Heller

Acquired in the fall of 2016, Grey Heller provides middleware to make Oracle / PeopleSoft software mobile, secure, and more intuitive. Dave Carver is on the Board.

In Charge

In Charge is an electrical contractor serving the new home construction markets in Central and North Texas. Search Fund Partners invested in 2015.

Industrial Specialties Chemicals, Inc.

Industrial Specialties Chemicals, Inc. and its sister company, DMP Corporation, consults companies on their waste water issues and unique best-in-class treatment products. Rich Kelley serves on the Board. Search Fund Partners invested in 2012.

Inspired eLearning

Inspired eLearning offers an extensive catalogue of online compliance training courses. Topics range from technology security to employee conduct and ethics. Felix Odigie led the transaction and Search Fund Partners invested in 2014.


Insynq, located in Gig Harbor, WA, provides desktop as a service (i.e., desktop applications on a monthly subscription basis) and through its sister company, CloudRunner, a desktop provisioning and application management platform. SFP invested in 2016.

ISI Telemanagement Solutions

Through the software it creates and sells, ISI helps business customers monitor, manage, and optimize their telecommunications investment and monthly spend. SFP invested in 2016 and Jim Edmunds sits on the Board.

Krueger-Gilbert Health Physics

Krueger-Gilbert Health Physics is a national leader is diagnostic medical physics.  The company’s expert physicists ensure that clients and their patients have access to optimal image quality and safe radiation environments. The company is located in Jarrettsville, Md. SFP invested in March 2014.

LOFA Industries

LOFA Industries manufactures control panels, wiring harnesses, sensors and telemetry for engines operating in demanding off-road environments. LOFA’s products control, monitor and protect valuable equipment and enables clients to collect critical data. LOFA’s manufacturing facility is in Roswell, GA.


Microdea offers advanced document and process management technology with its Synergize software. The company has a strong presence in transportation and health care among other industries. Jim Edmunds joined the board when the company was acquired in January 2014.

Metro Vein

Metro Vein Centers provides a variety of treatments for damaged veins using safe, state-of-the-art treatments and minor surgical procedures. Metro Vein Centers deploys its services through multiple locations clustered around major metropolitan markets in the Midwest and Southeast. Search Fund Partners invested in August, 2017.


mTAB’s proprietary software helps marketering professionals utilize research surveys by facilitating meaningful analysis. The company is based in Yorba Linda, CA and SFP invested in May 2015.

Neuro International

Neuro International offers world class assisted living and supportive living programs for people with traumatic brain injuries.  The company is based in Sarasota, Fl. SFP invested in March 2014, and Jim Edmunds joined the board.

OnRamp Access

OnRamp Access is the leading provider of Internet operations support and data center services in Central Texas. Search Fund Partners invested in OnRamp in 2009.

Paperless Business Systems

Paperless Business Systems provides its eRequester software to SMBs enabling them to manage the procurement process for indirect purchases. SFP invested in early 2017 and Ben Godsey sits on the Board

The Pet Loss center

Nick Padlo acquired The Pet Loss Center in 2014 and Rich Kelley joined the board. Nick aspires to build the leading pet memorialization and death care organization in the United States, and in doing so help millions of pet families cope with the loss of their loved ones.

Planet DDS

Planet DDS serves dentists with web-based dental practice management software. The company is based in Irvine, CA and Dave Carver is a director. Search Fund Partners invested in Planet DDS in 2015.

Raptor Technologies

Raptor Technologies is the leading provider of visitor management technology to K-12 schools in the United States. The Raptor system checks visitors against sex offender databases, allowing schools and other community organizations to identify and impede threats to children. Raptor is based in Houston, TX and SFP invested in April 2012. Dave Carver serves on the board.

Remarkable Health

Since 1990, Remarkable Health (formerly known as Claim Track) has provided practice management software to behavioral health and human service agencies, offering a complete Electronic Health Record (EHR)—Clinical, Billing, Scheduling, Medication Management / e-Prescribing, Reporting, etc.—for inpatient, outpatient and residential settings.  SFP invested in 2015 and Dave Carver is on the Board.

RIA in a Box

RIA in a Box is a fast-growing, entrepreneurial financial services firm, providing the leading number of registrations and ongoing compliance services to RIAs throughout the United States. Our mission is to enable fellow entrepreneurs to establish their own firms and remain in compliance with regulatory guidelines. Rich Kelley joined the board when SFP invested in 2011.

Richmond Alarm Company

Richmond Alarm Company is an entrepreneurial commercial and residential security company, providing alarm equipment and monitoring services in Richmond, Lynchburg, Hampton Roads, and the surrounding areas of Virginia. In addition to security, the company also provides a variety of access control and premises monitoring solutions. SFP invested in the summer of 2017.

Rod and Tubing Services

Rod and Tubing Services is headquartered in Bryan, TX and serves the oil industry. The company operates a tubing and sucker rod inspection/reclamation facility as well as mobile scan and testing units. The company is renowned for its expertise and service.  SFP invested in 2013.


Scribendi is an ISO-certified English document editing and proofreading company. With a team of over 300 editors and an easy online ordering process, Scribendi offers the fastest turnaround times on the market. SFP invested in Scribendi in 2017.


StaffOne is a rapidly growing Professional Employer Organization (PEO) located in Texas with additional offices in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennessee, and clients in 31 states across the country. StaffOne manages all aspects of human resources including payroll, benefits, workers compensation coverage, retirement plans and other personnel services, allowing business clients to focus on their core competencies. SFP invested in 2008, and Dave Carver serves on the Board of Directors.

Subatomic Digital

Subatomic allows owners of video and print media to monetize their content by (re)selling to consumers on demand through the Subatomic website. SFP invested in 2016

T-Base Communications

T-Base Communications helps corporate clients communicate with blind and low vision customers by making monthly statements and other correspondence accessible. Bruce Mosczelt and Trevor Lwin led the acquisition of the Ottawa based company in 2014.

Tire Disposal & Recycling, Inc.

TDR manages scrap tire and tire waste for automotive and tire retailers throughout the Pacific Time Zone. Chandos Mahon became CEO of this business with our acquisition in 2017 and Todd Tracey sits on the Board.


Travelmax is an international chain of travel companies that manages corporate travel for businesses and organizations, sells travel on a wholesale basis to travel agencies, and offers travel booking services and tour packages to leisure customers.

UCIT Online

UCIT Online provides remote video monitoring and security services to manufacturing facilities, construction sites, and warehouses. UCIT is based in Toronto and is expanding across Canada. SFP invested in 2011 and Jim Edmunds is on the Board.

United Layer

United Layer operates data centers in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The acquisition occurred in September 2010, and Jim Edmunds serves on the Board.

Past Portfolio Companies

Advanced Network Solutions

Advanced Network Solutions designs and builds networks and provides managed services. ANS is headquartered in Nashville and serves clients throughout the Mid-South. SFP helped acquire the company in August 2011 and sold its position in July 2015. Dave Carver was on the Board.

Ascentia Home Health Care

Ascentia Home Health Care was a leading provider of home health services in Western Florida. SFP exited the business in 2014.

Asset Recovery

Located in Minneapolis, MN, Asset Recovery provides end-of-life solutions for computer and electronic equipment for businesses and individuals. SFP invested in this company in October, 2006 and Arrow Electronics acquired it in February 2012. Rich Kelley served on the Board of Directors.

Avadyne Health

Based in San Diego, CA, Avadyne Health provides receivable management services primarily for healthcare providers. The company assists its clients in converting their receivables into cash as quickly as possible by communicating with third-party payors or patients and shepherding the payment process. Avadyne focuses primarily on patient-responsible balances and manages the process from the time a receivable is generated, all the way to cases of delinquent debt. SFP invested in Avadyne in January of 2006, exited the investment in 2016, and Rich Kelley sat on the Board.

Behavioral Health Group

Behavioral Health Group (BHG) is a leading provider of substance abuse treatment services. The company is currently expanding its network of treatment centers for opioid addiction and related behavioral health disorders. SFP invested in BHG in 2006 and sold in 2011. Dave Carver was a member of the Board of Directors.


Berkeys is a leading plumbing, heating and air conditioning company serving the suburbs of Dallas and Ft. Worth. SFP invested in May 2011. Berkeys also acquired Abacus Plumbing in Houston in February 2012.

Search Fund Partners exited Berkeys in the fall of 2016.

Celebrity Kids

Celebrity Kids is a high end children’s portrait studio company primarily utilizing the franchise model with stores throughout the midwest and northeast.  Search Fund Partners exited the business in 2008.

DF Tech

Data Fusion Technologies, Inc.provides business intelligence, planning, and reporting software solutions for top law firms. SFP made its investment in December 2010 and sold the business in 2017. Dave Carver was on the Board.


Discovia is a leading provider of electronic discovery solutions for litigation attorneys at both law firms and corporations nationwide. Discovia manages data for their clients from initial preservation and collection, through analysis and review, to production and trial. Rich Kelley joined the board in 2004 following the acquisition and the company was sold to a strategic acquirer in 2017.

Griswold Home Care

Based in Philadelphia, Griswold Home Care is a leading provider of high quality, affordable non-medical home care to the elderly and disabled. Over its 27 year history, Griswold has grown to 100 corporate and franchise locations. Search Fund Partners invested in Griswold in June 2009 and sold in November 2012.


HemaSource is a leading supplier of medical products to the blood and plasma collection industries. The company operates facilities in Utah and Tennessee. SFP invested in 2010 and sold in 2014. Rich Kelley was on the Board of Directors.

iNet Interactive

SFP invested in iNet interactive in October 2005. SFP was the lead investor and Dave Carver sits on the Board of Directors. Based in West Chester, OH, iNET Interactive is a web-centric media company serving special interest communities through prominent online properties, events, and publications. Prominent sites include, and The company has added trade shows to serve their communities including Data Center World and HostingCon.

Search Fund Partners exited iNet in 2015


iVize is a leading provider of copying, scanning, document coding and other litigation support services to law firms in the Midwest and Southeast.  Search Fund Partners exited the business in 2009 and iVize merged with Modus in 2012.


Lecorpio provides software that enables corporations to manage and optimize their intellectual property. Lecorpio is located in Fremont, CA and SFP invested in April 2012 and exited in 2017.

Medical Positioning, Inc

Medical Positioning, Inc is a nationally recognized manufacturer of beds, tables, and chairs for use in medical exams and procedures. The company is a market leader in patient positioning for echocardiography, and its equipment resides in over 40 of the “Top 50 Hospitals” as determined by US News and World Report.

ProService Hawaii

ProService Hawaii is a Professional Employer Organization based in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Search Fund Partners invested in ProService in October 2005, after having worked with the executive team for over two years during their search efforts.  Dave Carver represented SFP on the Board of Directors.  ProService is the largest independent PEO in the state of Hawaii, offering a complete range of HR-related services including payroll and payroll taxes, health insurance, workers compensation insurance, employee retirement plans and a variety of other services. This business very successfully exited in November 2007.


Sintel manufactures component parts for Caterpillar and other heavy equipment makers. SFP sold its position to another investor in the spring of 2017


RecruitMilitary is the leading military-to-civilian recruiting firm in the country. The company organizes opportunity expos that match veterans with potential employers, maintains an extensive database of veteran job candidates, and hosts a job board. SFP invested in 2013. Search Fund Partners exited RecruitMilitary in 2015.


VRI is one of the largest providers of telehealth monitoring, monitored medication dispensing and adherence solutions, and medical alert systems in the country. VRI’s services enable seniors, the chronically ill, and those with disabilities to maintain their independence and avoid long-term care facilities, and avoid preventable ER use, hospitalization and hospital readmission. The company currently serves more than 70,000 active clients across the United States. Dave Carver was on the board.


Verengo was an installer of residential solar systems in Southern California. SFP invested in 2008 and Rich Kelley was a board observer before SFP exited the business in 2016.

WebEquity Solutions

From its headquarters in Omaha, NE, WebEquity Solutions provides enterprise level lending solutions for banks in North America and Australia with assets ranging from $10 million to $500 billion. Web Equity Manager ® is the leading Software as a Service lending solution in the marketplace today and provides a single system of record for processing credit across all lending disciplines. Dave Carver joined WebEquity’s Board of Directors following the acquisition in May 2008.